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    Greetings I am Storm one of the readers here at Tarot Group. I thought it would be nice to give you a little information about myself so you can get to know me a bit more.

    “What do you like most about giving readings to people?”

    I have been using the gift as a psychic/tarot card reader for 32 years now. My job as a reader has been to inform, encourage and help people through life’s ups and downs. I am a natural empathic, spiritual teacher, healer and also live my life as a Pagan Witch. I link into what is going on in your life by channeling into your energy vibrations. This will enable me to give a precise and in depth reading.
    I always feel that it is so satisfying when someone says thank you or tells you that you have given them clarity or insight into a situation they have been struggling with. It is a fantastic feeling when your readings make a difference in the lives of others.
    I have worked internationally and in the UK for over 18 years. I have worked online and on the phone for many different reading companies including Psychic Sofa, Destiny Tarot, Live lines Psychic Room, Psychic Channel etc. Throughout my readings I will help you find clarity in matters of the heart, career choices and other life issues. I do specialise in love and relationships. Let me help you with guidance and direction in any area of your life when you are feeling lost and need a little light. I read with an open heart.

    *”How are you typical of your star sign?”*

    As an Aries I am enthusiastic and optimistic, courageous and indipendant and most of all being loving and generous.

    *”When did you first become aware of your gift?”*

    I started to learn when I was 16yrs old. I have been lucky enough to have wonderful teachers along my path and my spiritual gifts were inherited.

    *”What is your most memorable experience with a client”*

    I read for a gentleman a few years ago who was lost and struggling to get motivated in both work and love. I explained to him that I saw him moving to America and starting a new job doing something totally different. I also saw a marriage to a lady when he moved. He was shocked and said that I was wrong and that it would never happen. A year later I received an email from him explaining that he was living in the USA, had a great new job and was engaged to a lovely American lady. He was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. We have remained great friends since.

    *”What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliments your work as a a reader?”*

    I have been teaching all aspects of spirituality for many years. I have also written many articles which teach all aspects of witchcraft, divination, tarot, psychic skills, dream analysis, empathy, aura readings, power animals, healing and crystals. I have studied witchcraft for over 35yrs. To me magick is within our bodies as well as within herbs and stones and other natural products of the earth. Magickal power is the power of life itself. If I have to employ any sort of magick when I converse with people or I am to guide and help them along their path I will do but only in love. I know through many many years of study that if you desire something badly enough, your personal power will be focused towards that intention. I have also done many house cleansing and have worked within the paranormal community. People who have problems with spirits haunting their homes they come to me regularly for advice and help. I also help people with protection, grounding and banishing problems to do with negative aspects of their lives.

    *”What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic/tarot card reading?”*

    It is paramount that when you come to me for a reading you always consider if you are emotionally prepared to hear the truth and not what you want to hear. I would suggest to anyone coming to me that they write a list of questions down so they can cover everything in their reading. Make sure that you enter into the reading with a relaxed and open heart and mind. if your mind is blocked it may lead to an incorrect reading. don’t put up barriers just allow the energies to flow freely.

    *”What are your favourite tarot cards”*

    My favourite cards are Thoth and I’ve been using them for many many years. I also work with another pack where you just look at the images and relate that with help from my guide to the Thoth cards drawn. These cards are just coloured abstract images and I’ve had them for so many years I can’t even tell you who made them as they are not available any more, I think this is why I have such a great link to them.Ā  This usually links with the cards I have drawn and the messages within them. I use also Steven D Farmer Power Animal Cards and Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. I use a very beloved pendulum for specific dates etc which I wear round my neck at all times to create that much needed bond.

    Here are a few of my testimonials:

    *. This lady is amazing. so many validations it was spooky and so true! I have a lot of faith in this reader. please try her and Storm please log on more you have a real gift. God bless you and thank you so much!! Till my next reading keep up the fab work! xx April 2014

    *. 16/04/14 Wow Wow Wow. I asked for a general reading to see if she could pick up on a very complex situation and boy did she! she even picked up on both their star signs! I am gobsmacked as I have called two psychics before hand and basically had to hang up as it was a load of waffle. Storm is amazing and hit the nail on the head with everything, and I would like to add she is an amazing lady. Very kind and understanding. She almost made me cry. Storm I want you to know you have changed my life! Please please try this lady you will not be disappointed. xx I’m the lady with the red nail varnish lol.

    *. I had a reading the other week. it was fabulous and completely accurate. Two of the things mentioned have already happened this week. Anyone who is wanting a reader try this one.

    *. Excellent thank you for the confirmation. honest and reliable reading. Hope everything goes as you said it would.

    *. Well yet again all Storm told me I could take and relate to. I always feel at ease with how she works. No blabbing and very understanding on how to deliver a message without making it sound weird. Very happy with how things I was told have come around as she told me they would. What a wonderful experience, thank you Storm.. will be coming back again šŸ™‚

    *. Lovely lady, absolutely spot on! pick up on all the people around me and the situation. Storm tuned into one very malicious lady and offered to put a blocking spell on her. I contacted her a few weeks later and she recognised my voice straight away and confirmed she had done the blocking. A very warm caring lady and excellent insight. Thank you so much storm, it really did help me to know you were doing what you could to stop this awful woman. bless you x

    *. Hello, thank you so much Storm. The kindness and compassion you showed me was second to none. The information you picked up on about my situation was unbelievable. I miss my parents so much and knowing they are around me bought great comfort especially now with all that’s going on. You explain all the little things that were happening and why, I was so desperate when I rang you, you said you would do some spell for me to remove the negativity and protect me from those who have been bringing me down. I truly didn’t expect much from this but my life has now turned a corner and I am much brighter and have new purpose in every step forward I take. I am sleeping much better and my dreams are no longer tormenting me. I feel in my heart this is down to you storm. Thank you for the things you got through for me they have explained a lot about what has happened in my life and why. I felt a great weight has been lifted. I have had many readings before but you completely connected with me. I am more positive and feel that this is down to you and what you have done for me, you are a wonderful soul and I would recommend you to all my friends. I can’t wait till my next reading as I’m sure you will pick up on the change and I believe that is down to you. I really do believe in your spellcasting and reading abilities which you receive no benefit from other than my gratitude in this testimonial.

    *. Great reader and a lovely person. Very truthful. Wow!!

    *. This lady is a fantastic reader! She is spot on with her validations.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Storm Storm.
    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by Storm Storm.
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