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    I love and enjoy how every deck teaches you something different. Whether that will be how to deepen your connection with your intuition or whether it be a new technique or way of working. The best idea though to bear in mind is to go with what you feel drawn to do with direction from the cards. Its not the cards that you will be tuning into, but it is the aura energy of the Sitter. With that in mind, what inspires me to work with any tool is the knowledge that messages which channel themselves through are helping other people. With that knowledge I have to trust in the energies that are working directly with me as well as tuning in with my own innate ability that is within me and allowing it to flow. For without the flow the read will appear as stilted, or barriers are made within the reading and therefore ought to be respected as they are there for a good reason, but all part of the information that arrives as a message its all relevant to the Sitter. As far as reading and energy wise my way of working is quite simple, often I’ll visualize or see through clairvoyance the energy that I’m to be working with at the time. Your energy appears as the first layer of auras which often reveals themselves as a higher vibration of colour and light.

    That way I know I am actually working with a person’s energy rather than an object or an item. In a way that’s entirely gentle and peacefully related, the connection is made with Sitter’s energy, and assures that it is not a cold read, but in fact is a genuine connection that channels information through about the person I am reading for. As every person is different, this is the way in which I work as a reader to complete reads of a psychic nature. I find that the cards simply confirm or summarize up the person’s reading often enough and are used as focus points to tune into the aura of a person with their permission. If you have their permission to tune in, and they know you are tuning in not to hinder them but to help them as a reader, it allows the flow of messages to come through better when you have their permission to tune in first rather than without it.

    Tarot is that way for me. While the read maybe comprised of several suits or cups, symbolism, often the symbolism that are meant to be worked with will stand out on the cards in relation to the Sitter and is all revealed in the messages given which contains the connection of the link itself to inspire people to continue in the way that sits naturally right with them in a peaceful but positive way. Tarot has been that way and often misunderstandings are caused by the lack of trust or distrust within your friendship with the deck. Its all about finding the right deck which you work with and which suits your energies. What calls out to you the strongest in the row is the deck that is supposed to be working with you for the time.

    For me it is the Thoth tarot as its a lovely vibrational deck on a higher level working with the energies which seems to resonate with my energies more so than other decks do. It can be a bit complex as it has slightly different cards to most and a few extra but it’s been the one that resonates with me on a high level.

    I guess this doesn’t really answer the question why I’m inspired to work with the Tarot. Its like most things, the good reasoning still applies if you aren’t ready to work with a certain tool, keep going back to it and try another deck, and keep going until you are. Every deck has different momentum, energy and connection. Its up to you how you work with them, but the friendship between you and any tool as long as you use it for good intentions, is yours to work with as to how you deem fit. The energies often link in on a vibrational level and frequently communicate if the energy can communicate but if it does communicate its best not to go through a tool, as the tarot or tool is not there to serve that purpose. Spirit will not talk to you through a tool as its best to go directly to them to Communicate. So many misunderstandings have been caused where people have tried to connect to Spirit through a tool and it just doesn’t happen that way as spirit are people whose energies have been once on the earth plane as we know already.

    Often when Sitting or having a read done, you will find readers whom are practicing that have the gift of both being able to tune in using intuition as well as having psychic intuition empathy or mediumship as an innate ability to begin to work with. Its up to you to make that choice in regards to your own life. Sure if you aren’t ready for it to happen that’s okay too, or that you’ve had some difficult experience in the past…….. which you still don’t know about what happened…. its best to ask for guidance at the times when you need the extra support or guidance, so that you can rest assured that your soul and minds consciousness are at peace. The little chips of realization soon kick into place as understanding and clarity surrounds you. You know that you yourself will not let you down and this? This is actually only the beginning of the more amount of knowledge that is out there. Its like you are just touching the surface and dipping your toes in the water.

    You will find that People come into your life to learn from or teach you things, whether that be positive or otherwise. Its all a learning curve but one that will direct you back on track with your path.

    Storm x

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