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    Please make sure you read before posting on the forums.

    Most of the following rules are just common sense.

    By signing up to Tarot Group, you agree that you may have random Emails sent to you no more than 8 times per year about updates etc.

    Staff and admin have the right to delete or edit posts and threads or to terminate members accounts if the following rules are broken.

    All respectful faiths, opinions and beliefs are welcome.

    Please refrain from preaching that other members are evil or that their beliefs are immoral etc. An example of this would be telling someone else they are going to hell or are sinful or are insuperior in some way such as “are not saved” etc.. It is fine to talk about this in general about what one believes, but please do not direct such comments at other forum members.

    No personal or aggressive attacks on any other members, such as name calling or other insults.

    Anyone sending abusive or threatening message to any Tarot Group member via private message or e-mail waver their rights to privacy, so be warned your message could be published on this website.

    No racism or sexism is allowed.

    If anyone is being abused or threatened at any time please contact me or the moderators via private message, and it will be attended to as soon as possible.

    Please remember that people have different opinions and ideas that might differ from yours, or even offend you. The only basic rules here are no direct insults to other members, or deliberate attempts to start arguments or conflicts.

    No slanderous posts are allowed.

    Pointless threads or ones that make no sense or have no purpose will be deleted by admin. This is to avoid people coming on to harm the site by making it looks ridiculous, as such attempts have happened in the past.

    No aggressive obscene foul language is allowed.

    Please report any posts or threads that are offensive to an admin or moderator and if the post or thread is deemed offensive it will be removed.

    No photos or video of a pornographic nature are allowed. Links to such pornographic material are also forbidden. Photos and videos or links to photos or videos of real extreme violence, injury or graphic depictions of real death or dying are not allowed either.

    Links and photos to movie type violence (Not real violence) are allowed, but a clear warning of offensive adult content should be clearly stated before the link to any video. Links to bad language are allowed, but again please clearly state before the link, a warning of its offensive and adult nature.

    You must be 13 years of age or over to join Tarot Group.

    Please do not double post, such as make duplicates of the same post on more than one thread. Please do not also make connecting posts one after the other on the same thread, unless each post is clearly addressing individual members previous posts on the thread. If you make one post then want to add to it, please do not start another new post, use the edit function to add to the one you just made.

    Please do not expect people to reply to your posts or threads straight away. If someone does not reply to your messages as fast as you would like, please do not add another post to bump the thread up to the top of the forum topics if no one else has replied. You are free to revive old threads that have not been active for a while, but only if the last person to post on the thread is not yourself.

    All work written on the Tarot Group Forum is copyrighted to or to the forum member who created the content. Please do not use full texts from Tarot Group without permission from the copyright owner. Part of an article found on these forums may be used without permission, but please make sure only half or under is used from the article and a source address is used to direct the reader to the original article on Tarot Group.

    If you use any article from another website on these forums, for example a news article, only use half the article or under, and then clearly state a link to the source of the article and to the rightful copyright owner.

    If a moderator Private messages you and asks you to refrain from something, or a moderator deletes or edits a post, please do not take it personally, it is not a big deal so do not make it one. Some rules might seem annoying or silly to you, but there is a good reason for all the rules so that the forum can run as efficiently as possible.

    With the exception of serious rule breaking (Serious rule breaking will result in an instant ban) people who abuse the rules will be given one warning, and banned the next time they break the rules again, no second warning will be issued.

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