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    Card – Ace Of Swords

    The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

    The Ace of Swords represents our ability to fight life’s battles, not with might but with reason, truth and justice. There are many stories of heroes overcoming great obstacles and winning through to greater inner strength, outer justice or hight truth. Seeing our lives in this way deepens its meaning and gives us a sense of purpose. Most of us do not recognise our potential to follow this path or are too scared to even face the first hurdle. But could we see the true value of human beings, we would not hesitate to lift the sword which strikes at injustice!
    The Ace of Swords suggests you will face an empowering challenge. Challenging this problem with all your resources will enable you to really grow as a person. The situation may be an ongoing one or it may be a new test for you. Either way, you will benefit from seeing the ‘problem’ as an opportunity to grow – to gain strength and demonstrate courage – as it may require you to locate great inner resources.
    The Ace of Swords requires you to face your problems. You may be aware of a problem that you gave turned your back on, but this card asks you to face it head on. Be brave! This card suggests you not to see the challenge as insurmountable, but to see yourself overcoming this challenge with excellence and panache!

    Deck Used: The Tattoo Tarot


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