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    Card – Knight Of Cups

    The Knight of Cups speaks of moodiness, fantasy and temperamental behaviour. It represents the pendulum swings of our emotional lives and their inherent creative power as well as their danger. On the positive side, the card speaks of the profound sensitivity, creativity and self reflection. On the negative side, however, this card warns self-indulgence and moods-From depression to a high and back again. During these times it is very difficult to gain perspective on problems, and virtually impossible to find solutions to them.
    The Knight of Cups advises you to rein in your unruly, tempestuous side and balance this with the quieter, more gentle aspects of your nature. You may feel that this side is dull, whilst the unruly side is more exciting. You might even possibly be slightly addicted to the wilder side of your personality. However, this card warns that this state of affairs cannot continue forever.

    Deck Used: Revelations Tarot


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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