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    Card – The Lovers

    The appearance of The Lovers suggests you will find yourself at a cross-roads. At this time you will need to make some important choices which could take you in a positive direction – particularly in your relationship with yourself and/or others. You will need to listen to both your heart and your head and work out whats right for you and those around you.
    The Lovers card advises you to approach any important choices in your life with love and care, particularly in your relationships with yourself and/or others. If there are situations in your life that you feel have become stuck in some way, you will need to contemplate how you can make improvements.
    Perhaps previous decisions have been made with a lack of love and care or perhaps you avoided making a choice at all. Either situation will need remedying in order to move forward in a more positive na conscious way.

    Deck Used: The Dark Mansion Tarot


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