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How To Read The Court Cards Like An Expert

Court Cards in the tarot are often the most complex and confusing cards to interpret. Why? Because there are so many different ways to interpret them – as people, as personalities, as situations, and more. In this post, I show you the different ways to read the Court Cards and share some tips on how to know which method to use when. Court Cards As Specific People Most often, Court Cards represent a person. That person can be either yourself or someone else. By understanding the personality and attributes of the card, you can pinpoint whether it is yourself or someone else represented by that card. Court Cards primarily reflect personality traits and characteristics. They provide clues as to how a person thinks, feels and acts, and what truly motivates...

What Are Tarot Cards And How do They Work?

When I tell people that I read and teach tarot cards for a living, one of the first questions they ask me is, “What are tarot cards and how do they actually work?”   Now, the answer to that question may differ, depending on who you ask and how they personally connect with the tarot cards. That’s because tarot is simply a tool, and as with all kinds of tools, how you use it is completely up to you.   However, because you’re here, on Tarot Group, I want to give you my version of how I believe the tarot works and how you can use it to gain instant access to your intuition and your inner source of power and wisdom.  What Are Tarot Cards? The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, each with its...