Tarot Group / Chat


Our chat rooms are a wonderful place for members to get to know one another. Share tarot experiences and connect with other chat members. There is a casual and warm atmosphere thanks to the loving regular members and friendships are growing everyday.

Is everyone in chat a tarot reader?

People of all ages and backgrounds come here for various reasons and tarot readings is only one of them. We have certified TarotGroup readers, trainee tarot readers and others who are developing and learning. Many arrive needing a safe place to share out-of-the-ordinary-experiences or to seek answers to questions they may have. Others just like to chat.

How do I get a reading in chat?

Free readings in chat are a ‘Bonus’ for participating members of TarotGroup. Please understand, daily we see many newcomers and it is impossible for us to provide a drop-in-center for instant readings.
This is a popular free service, so if a reader is not available, please check back again at a different time of the day. Or, purchase a professional tarot reader with our Certified Tarot Readers.

Can I do a practice reading in chat?

Members who have been here for at least 2 weeks and are established as a regular participator may be granted the privilege of practicing psychic readings in chat. Before doing so please read and accept the terms of our Trainee Readers assessment criteria.

Chat Room Guidelines

If you wish time with a specific reader and they are for the moment UNAVAILABLE, leave a request on the Members Readings board. Every Reader has a BIO/Request/Feedback page.

Please enter chat reading rooms quietly DO NOT interrupt a reading in chat to request one for yourself. If there is someone with the reader assume there is a reading going on and enter quietly. If a reader is in their own chat room, alone, it is safe to go in and ask for a chat reading.

It is a NO NO to pester for readings. TartotGroup Certified or Trainee readers have a choice to take requests or feel drawn to read, therefore we can’t set a specific limit on how many chat readings a member is offered.

Sitters should reply with only simple answers for validation (yes,no, maybe, close). Chat Readings should not turn into conversations. Too much information taints the confirmations for both the sitter and the reader. Validations may be explained after the chat reading has ended.

Please do not throw questions at the readers during a chat room reading, unless the reader specifically asked if you have questions. It is a huge distraction on the readers focus to be pulled from one direction to another. If you don’t restrain yourself, the reader’s flow is disrupted and your reading can abruptly end.

DO NOT FORGET FEEDBACK for the readers on their Bio’s. It is polite to say thanks. The feedback is not only confidence building for the readers, but it also shows appreciation and helps for chat readers who wish to be upgraded to be noticed by Administration. If you get a reputation for withholding feedback, the readers will pull back.